ICIACORP Sec Management was founded by former Argentina Federal law enforcement and private sector executives with over 20 years of experience in Latin America. We pride ourselves in our solid regional knowledge. ICIACORP Sec Management adheres to a strict business code of ethics and confidentiality.
As a firm, we are uniquely positioned to provide cross-border solutions to problems of a complex commercial, legal and financial nature. Our client list ranges from small international investors to multinational corporations, as well as the legal and entertainment industries.

Presence ..

ICIACORP Sec Management has headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Associates in Latin America region.
ICIACORP Sec Management maintains physical presence in every country in the region through a network of highly trained and professional consultants with extensive knowledge of the social, political, cultural and economic climates in their assigned countries.
ICIACORP Sec Management consultants draw their experience from a diverse range of industries, such as legal, business, military and law enforcement.